Why do I go to the Clearwater Delta Gamma events? Initially, it was to get to know people, but I could do that anywhere. With Delta Gamma, I knew I would instantly belong.

I had made that same pledge that every other woman in the organization made - that I would be a friend. That made the first meeting so easy. But then I got to know the women in this chapter. We are daughters, moms, grandmothers, wives, doctors, caregivers, career women, homemakers, retirees, church members, teachers, gardeners, drama enthusiasts, singers, readers, swimmers, athletes, beach goers, collectors, photographers, foodies, treasure hunters, partiers, quilters, leaders, store owners, lawyers, wine aficionados, consultants, interior designers, art enthusiasts, chocoholics, movie bugs, and so much more.

The good that we do for the community and the Delta Gamma Foundation just adds to the reasons that I make time in my schedule to attend the events. Will you join us?

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